TV show are drug-storytelling addiction. Don’t lose your time, choose a good dealer :


– 20 ep / 2 seasons / 50mn
Because the most important ones are the ones who stay Bonus: This opening credits. 30 stories wich will never be tell in the tv show.


– 7ep /2 seasons
For Charlie Brooker the sotryteller who comes from futur.


– 12ep / 2 seasons / 55mn
For the montage, the colors, Jessica Hyde, all the establishing shots and especially the soundtrack by the genius Cristobal Tapia de Veer.


– 10 ep / 1 season / 50mn
For all the opening and their typography and because we all miss Tyler Durden.


– 61 ep / 5 seasons / 23mn
For Louie, he is the best and the doctor is the more hilarious personnage never written.

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