MOA – My own assistant


Welcome to MOA, your personal assistant.

MOA is an AR narrative for smartphones. Adapted from Les Furtifs d’Alain Damasio, it makes you dive in the City as the novelist imagined it. The walls and reality are as grey as we know them but they’re covered by an AR layer that changes everything. Public spaces are invaded by surveillance and marketing. Your MOA assists you and tracks you very softly.

DreamTeam: with Alain Damasio, Marie Blondiaux, Franck Weber, Frédéric Deslias, Charles Ayats

Project Type: AR novel Experience
Producer: Red Corner
Studio: Small
Helper: CNC – France TV – La Volte – Forum des Images – Normandie Images
Length: Around 15′
Launch: Septembre 2020
MOA on Android
MOA on iOS